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Newsletter August 31, 2014

1) Intuitive Painting & Meditation / Dance Expression
2) Check out the latest Top Offers of our Hotels & Apartments

1) Intuitive Painting & Meditation / Dance Expression

Intuitive Painting  &  Meditation

We are happy to invite everyone
to this special classes with Mariam

This is a lovely painting course for you if you are interested in reconnecting with your Soul, and relax and stimulate your own creativity.

The classes help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can help gain new insights, self awareness and energy for life.

This program helps you to:

  • Develop your intuitive and spontaneity
  • Focus on the process and not the end result
  • Find freedom from the inner critic
  • Connect to your real self
  • Learn to trust your inner voice

Join our program and enjoy your life !

Location: Coral Coast Hotel

Day: start Tuesday 16 September
Time: 10 – 11.30 am, every 14 days, please bring color pencils
Price: 55 le for 1 time,  250 le for 5 times incl. material


info + reservation.:  Mariam:   010 6780 3009                    
facebook: dancefreedahab

Dance Expression - Free Yourself

This program helps you:  1 woman & 1 mix-group

  • feel happier and calmer
  • deeper, more connection with yourself                                          
  • more vitality, feeling stronger
  • losing weight can be a side effect
  • cope effectively with stress and anxiety

No dance experience is needed;  

There are no steps to learn and no fitness requirements as the emphasis is always on self-regulation.

All the movements should come from your own interiority, how you feel the music. Therefore it is impossible not to be able to do it, or to get it wrong.

Everybody can attend the classes, no matter which age or physical condition.

Location     : Hotel Coral Coast

Day: start Friday 19 September, from 7 – 8.30 pm,
every 14 days  Mix-group
Day:  start Tuesday 23 September, from 10 – 11.30 am,
every 14 days  Women only

Price: 50 le for 1 time,    225 le for ticket for 5 times

Join our program and enjoy your life !

info and reservation : call  Mariam  010 6780 3009
facebook: dancefreedahab


2) Check out the latest Top Offers of our Hotels & Apartments

Click on the following link for the latest
Top Offers of our Hotels & Apartments:

Link to Offers



Newsletter April 26, 2014

1) Deco-Chamber: Invitation at new location


Our dear friends and fellow divers in Dahab,

We are finally through with all the work, installments and testing of the recompression chamber in our new location next to the Mubarak buildings and a stone throw away from the Canyon and Blue Hole road. As we have come to experience before, things take here a little bit longer to finish, but this also means, that time for perfection is available.

The new location offers a multitude of improvements geared towards your safety and to ensure that no effort is spared in saving lives. The location means a much shorter transport time from Canyon and Blue Hole. The added space allowed us to equip a room dedicated for “intermediate care” to handle all cases that might need round the clock medical observation using advanced monitoring. Dr. Heikal arranged for cooperation agreements with emergency specialists for cases requiring that.

The good news is also, that Dr. Heikal will run his clinic on the premises and offer you and your families the same standard of fine, professional and dedicated care.

The Hyperbaric Medical Center in Dahab remains the branch office for DAN-Egypt and we urge all divers, recreational-, technical- and professional- to be adequately insured for the activity they participate in at all times and to undergo the diving eligibility medical examination according to the standards. It makes good sense!   

A Hyperbaric Tender Course will be scheduled in Dahab this summer and we encourage all interested Divemasters and Instructors to register their names and e-mail addresses.

A website is also under construction and you will find the dates and details listed there. 

You are all invited to a small inauguration get together on Friday, May 09, 2014 at 20:00, just to orient you to the new location and show you the new additions…we hope that you can make it.

We wish you all health, wealth, exciting and safe diving, the return of tourism and a proper diving medical insurance! 


Dr. Adel Taher
Consultant, Diving- & Hyperbaric Medicine,
C.E.O., Dahab Hyperbaric Medical Center,
Director, DAN-Egypt,
Director, Sharm el-Sheikh Hyperbaric Medical Center,
C.E.O., Sharm Medical Group (Sinai Clinic Hospital)



Newsletter April 23, 2014

1) Dr. Heikal Moving - New Clinic Announcement
2) Join the Yoga workshop with Birgit

1) Dr. Heikal Moving - New Clinic Announcement


2) Join the Yoga workshop with Birgit

Let your energy flow -
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

with Birgit

Where: Blue Beach Club

When: 09./ 10. May 2014

In the four 120 minute classes of this workshop you will get a better understanding of the alignment of your spine and pelvis, on a physical & energetical level. Explore your spine from tailbone to the crown of your head, travelling along the seven energy centers/ chakras.


Friday 09. May 2014
8 am - 10 am
Root down through feet & legs
Root Chakra

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Understand the positioning of the pelvis
Sacral Chakra

Saturday 10. May 2014
8 am - 10 am
Core & Backbends
Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Inversions & meditation
Throat, Eyebrow & Crown Chakra

2 classes: 220 Le (Dahab residents 110 Le)
each additional class: 100 Le (Dahab residents 50 Le)
Note that participation in minimum 2 classes is required.

For more information or booking: e- mail, facebook: yoga-dahab


Newsletter April 3, 2014

1) Bedouin Festival in Dahab

This year's Bedouin Festival will take place from April 12-18:

Read all the details here: BEDOUIN FESTIVAL

2) How to handle with plastic pollution

Don't Mess with Dahab is an initiative to educate residents and tourists about the problems with plastic pollution and how each of us can help by reducing our consumption of single-use plastics.


We've started by discussing the use of plastic bags and bottled water, but another big focus will be the plastic packaging on food, personal care products, household supplies, etc. We offer specific tips on finding plastic-free or less-plastic alternatives here in Dahab.

Don't Mess with Dahab, with the help of Bedouin History Desert Safari group, has already organized one clean-up event and we hope to organize more in the future! We would also like to highlight and promote local businesses and organizations that offer or engage in plastic-free product or habits. Please contact us if you or your organization would like to be mentioned on our blog.

Follow the blog or like us on Facebook to learn more about how you can help solve our plastic pollution problem!

The blog:,
The Facebook page: 

3) Yes! Dahab is HAPPY!!





Newsletter February 25, 2014

More Yoga for you in Dahab, the ocean and the desert

We are happy to share information about another great Yoga event in  Dahab:

From 29th of March till 5th of April 2014, Sara Campbell – well known freediving coach and Kundalini teacher - and Joern Nortoft – one of the leading Vinyasa teachers in Europe – are offering their Kundalini-Vinyasa Fusion Yoga Week  The Gift of Freedom - a yogic journey to meet the true you“.

Also note that the early bird registration is valid till end of February.  Options for residents to join all or part of the week. Contact us directly under: 

For free meditation practice videos, nutritional advice, inspiration and information sign up for the newsletter on the homepage.


Newsletter January 26, 2014

2 Great Holiday-options with Yoga, Desert Safaris, fabulous Dahab activities

Today I am very happy to forward the flyers of two different yoga holiday programs in Dahab to you and
am sure you will find the variety of the programs interesting.
The first 5 day yoga holiday will be conducted from 13. - 18. April 2014 and includes a desert safari.
The second one will take place 26. April- 04. May 2014 and is a 10 day program including all the
fabulous activities that make Dahab such a great holiday destination.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

Warm regards & Namaste,

2nd Holiday Option:

Newsletter January 20, 2013

1) Ana Farid Exhibition at Dahab Bay View Resort


Art Exhibition where they painting trigger your own imagination
and your own unique story will start to unfold!

Ana Farid, is a Danish international artist and get well know in Egypt after her first exhibitions of the ministry of international and national art, in Cairo Atelier in 2007.The press start write about Ana Farids special technique and her philosophy, and TV channel makes programs from her different exhibitions.

Her paintings are make by oil on canvas and she has a special technique so that you are in doubt whether it is silk paper or silk tapestries. The images have a magical effect in their colour and depth.

Each of them tell a never ending story, meaning one day you may experience something particular in it and the next day something entirely different.
Welcome to visit the Art Exhibition in Dahab Bay View Resort & Spa, Dahab S.Sina

Ana Farid also offer course in intuitive process painting.
For more information

mobile +20 1223 830 779


Newsletter January 7, 2013

1) Don't miss out: Camel Race!

If there is one event not to be missed in South Sinai, it is surely the Wadi Zelega camel race!

It takes place in the deep desert and is between the Tarabin and Muzeina tribes. This experience is reserved for the adventurous only. Hours of driving on and then off road. Freezing temperatures. Chaos. 2 tribes, 150 cars, 20 camels and 25 km of racing for everyone. But if you have the right Bedouin guides, they can be prepared enough to make these factors enjoyable.

Usually people set off on the 9th, the day before the race. The views leading to wadi Zelega are nothing short of spectacular and worth the outing in themselves. The track goes from tough to nearly impossible and only reliable and sturdy off roaders make it there.

The Bedouin are in their element. Of course. Meeting up with friends, the excitement about the race and the general positive vibes are infectious.

After a night under the stars, early morning tea and quick breakfast, it's time to go to the starting line. From there on, words will be hard to describe this tribal, extreme and memorable race. There is one way to find out though, if you can take it!


Newsletter December 4, 2013

1) Circ Bonboni 2013 - Dream Catchers!!
2) Check out our latest Top Offers of our Hotels & Apartments

1) Circ Bonboni 2013 - Dream Catchers!!

Dahab’s multicultural children’s circus Circ BonBoni proudly announces it’s newest project 2013!


Images. Emotions. Ideas. Memories. Aspirations: Whether they happen while you sleep or as you go about your busy day, these are what dreams are made of. Sometimes our dreams are magical, adventurous, and exciting. Other times they may frighten or make us gloomy. But one thing is for sure – everyone dreams! And our Bonboni stars are getting ready to share their dreams with you. We'll explore our dreams, nightmares, and hopes for the future as we swing, hop, dance, and balance our way across the stage.

Be sure to join us in December to see how the Bonbonis work together to reach their dreams!
Shows will be held at
ibis styles Dahab lagoon Hotel

Friday                13th December         7pm
Saturday            14th December         3pm
Thursday            19th December         7pm
Friday                 20th December        7pm
Keep yourself updated on our facebook page circ bonboni
Dahab’s multikultureller Kinder Zirkus Circ BonBoni präsentiert sein neustes Projekt 2013!


Bilder. Emotionen. Ideen. Erinnerungen. Eindrücke: Daraus formen sich deine Träume, begleiten dich während du schläfst oder deinen täglichen Beschäftigungen nachgehst. Manchmal sind unsere Träume magisch, abenteuerlich und aufregend. Ein anderes Mal sind sie Furcht einflössend und düster. Aber eines ist sicher – wir alle träumen!
Unser Bonboni Stars bereiten sich vor, ihre Träume mit euch zu teilen. Wir werden unsere Täume, Alpträume, Wunschträume und Hoffnungen über die Bühne schwingen, hüpfen, klettern, tanzen, balancieren, singen,



    Click on the following link for the latest Top Offers of our Hotels & Apartments

    Link to Offers

    Newsletter March 16, 2013

    1) March 30: 1 year Dr. Heikal's Clinic

    On March 30th we are celebrating the one year anniversary of Dr Heikal’s Clinic

    Q.        How would you describe how you feel a year after the opening of the clinic?
    A.         I’m extremely pleased, can’t believe it’s been a year already, the confidence and relationship the patients have with the clinic makes me happier than ever. I was actually hesitated if I would be able to manage it while also running the Hyperbaric medical center but here we are on our 1st anniversary and we’ve received over than 1200 patients already. The trust the patients put into us was and still will be an incentive for us to do our best and more. I’d like also to thank everybody who supported the clinic with medical materials from abroad which was really helpful for us.

    Q.  What specialties have you obtained?

    A.        - I got a fellowship of the Egyptian Medical Association in General Practice on 2002. Differing to specialized doctors, General Practitioner intends to practice a holistic approach that takes into consideration the biological, psychological and social environment in which patients live. His duties are not confined to specific organs of the body, and he has particular skills in treating people with multiple health issues. He is trained to treat patients of any age and sex to levels of complexity.
                - Diving Medicine started this field since 2001, running the Hyperbaric Medical Center in Dahab since 2006, member of the European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC) and the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM).
                - Between (1998-2000), worked for St. Katherine National park as a Physician/Environmental Researcher. I gained good experience in the fields of primary health care, health education, medical evacuation and emergency pre-hospital care in case of accidents or injuries.

    Q.        What are the most frequent medical cases at the clinic?

    A.         - Diving related medical conditions.
    - Despite I am not a pediatrician but I keep receiving a lot of children conditions especially less than two years old, some of these cases can be easily avoided. That is what made me think seriously how to help in promoting the Mother - Child Health care. Children become a focal point of health activities. They are not simply targeted for improved health care but are involved in bringing it about.
    - (Ear, Nose & Throat) conditions

    Q.        What are the aspects of co-operation between the clinic and other medical centers?
    A.         I refer difficult cases to hospitals or higher specialized centers whenever the medical condition is beyond our limit with no hesitation, as well I convert cases that need physiotherapy sessions. The role of Dr Mariam (as a Bowen Therapist and assistant) should not be omitted. She is really helpful in many cases particularly cases of Jaw Joint (TMJ) disorders.

    Q.        How will you celebrate the passage of one year on the opening of the clinic?

    A.         - We have actually announced a children’s drawing competition about the relationship of the child and/or his feeling towards the clinic and/or Dr Heikal.  Nothing will be more exciting, truthful and imaginative than a child’s mind, cant wait to see them and surely ill be surprised with the results.

    Q.        What are the clinic working hours?      
    A. We open daily from 1730 – 2130. Except Fridays

    We want to invite all of you for our birthday celebration at the clinic

    On March 30th between 4 – 5 P.M. please join us for a drink and ..

    We offer free of charge:
    Glucotest to check the blood sugar level
    Blood pressure measurement
    Peak Expiratory Flow: used to monitor a person's ability to breathe out air
    Urine test strip: to determine pathological changes in the urine in standard urinalysis
    ECG (Electrocardiography) to test the electrical activity of the heart                     
    TMJ test (ear, mouth, neck pain, headache)

    نودّ دعوة حضراتكم من الساعة الرابعة إلى الساعة الخامسة عصر يوم السبت الموافق 30 من مارس، حيث نقوم بعدد من الكشوف المجانية، تحتوي التالي:-

    قياس نسبة السكر في الدم
    قياس ضغط الدم
    تحليل بول (عن طريق شرائط الاختبار)
    قياس تدفق الرئة
    رسم القلب
    اختبار مفصل الفكّ

    We want also to invite all children up to 12 years of age to draw or paint (on A4 paper) a picture about the clinic and/or Dr Heikal.
    Please bring the pictures to the clinic before March 25th and we will announce the winners outside the clinic on March 29th. Don’t forget to write (name, age and phone no) behind the paper. We have some prizes for the best pictures.  
    On March 30th between 4 – 5 pm please come to the clinic for prize giving. Have fun Dr. Heikal and Dr. Mariam
    بمناسبة مرور عام على افتتاح                 عيادة د. هيكل
         سيتم بعون الله يوم السبت، الموافق 30 مارس الاحتفال بمناسبة مرور عام على افتتاح العيادة.

    وبهذه المناسبة، نودّ دعوة كل الأطفال (من مختلف الأعمار حتى 12 سنة) لرسم أو تلوين لوحة (مقاس الورقة 4A) تبيّن مدى مشاعرهم تجاه العيادة و/أو د. هيكل.
    ولأجمل اللوحات المختارة جوائز قيّمة.
    آخر موعد لتلقي الرسومات يوم 25 مارس، ويرجى كتابة (الاسم، العمر، الهاتف) على ظهر اللوحة.
    وسوف نقوم بتعليق أسماء الفائزين يوم 29 مارس على لوحة الإعلانات أمام العيادة.
    ومن ثمّ، يرجى حضور الأطفال الفائزين إلى العيادة بين الساعة 4-5 مساء يوم السبت 30 مارس لتسلّم جوائزهم
    website:       email:        information: Dr. Mariam 01067803009


    Newsletter March 7, 2013

    1) 3rd Dahab Bedouin Festival: April 21-27, 2013
    2) Gardening & Maintenance
    3) DahabTop Offers for Hotels & Apartments


    1) 3rd Dahab Bedouin Festival: April 21-27, 2013

    Dear all,

    we are slowly finalising the programme for the next Dahab Bedouin Festival. As you may have heard, this year the festival will be integrating all communities and activities of Dahab.

    Please contact us ( if you would like to add any activities or events, if you would like to participate in, organise or sponsor any event. Nothing is final yet, in all sections of the festival, everybody is welcome to join, this festival is for all Dahab lovers.

    Here are some of the events and activities that will be taking place:

    - Camel rides available from the festival area all day.

    - Market selling hand made carpets and other handicrafts and products

    - Daily beach, desert or underwater clean ups

    - Presentations about Bedouin history and culture

    - Underwater photography competition

    - Artists of Dahab exhibitions

    - Raft race, children’s race, swimming race

    - Land and underwater treasure hunts

    - Presentations on medicinal plants from the desert

    - Bedouin dinners organised every night in the festival area and in the mountain valleys surrounding Dahab.

    - A camel race

    - Tech diving intros

    - Buoyancy competition

    - Kite surfing freestyle competition

    - Live Bedouin Music

    - Other live bands from Dahab

    - Bedouin traditional games

    - Backgammon tournament

    - Rock climbing trips

    - Star gazing with a telescope

    - Day and overnight trips to anywhere in Sinai, organised by the Dahab Bedouin Festival group

    - And much more…

    We are waiting to hear from you to make this festival as inclusif as possible,

    Our website: Dahab Bedouin Festival



    2) Gardening & Maintenance

    DahabTop Offers for Hotels & Apartments


    Check out our latest Top Offers for hotels & apartment

    Welcome to Sunny Dahab!!!



    Newsletter February 24, 2013

    1) Open BonBoni Workshops & Activity Days
    2) CD with Photos of last Bonboni Show now available

    1) Open BonBoni Workshops & Activity Days

    Open BonBoni Workshops start Saturday March 3rd!
    Sports, Gymnastics, Fun, Trapeze, Silk, Zumba, Hip Hop, Singing in a choir!
    Offering classes for ages 4-99! Kids, Teens, Adults

    Schedule and registration start
    Monday 25th Feb
    at Pink Elephant Dahab


    Open BonBoni Workshops & Activity Days
    Saturdays at ibis styles/Coralia Hotel, starting 2nd March 2013.




    Bedouin Corner


    Prim 4+ older

    KG-Prim 3

    Women & Girls



    Fun Sports, Acro and Games

    Prim 4+ older

    Hip Hop
    Prim 1- Prim 3



    Prim 1 – Prim 3

    Prim 4+ & Adults

    Hip Hop and
    Break Dance
    Prim 4+ older




    Possibility for private class Tissue / Trapeze

    Singing Choir and Solists
    All 4-99 year old!

    The BonBoni Workshops are open to everybody aged 4-99!

    The workshops will be taught by Anta, Kayley, Erika, Regula, Iris and Alia, assisted by the BonBoni team.

    You choose your favorite workshop or workshops for the month (4 weeks).

    Prices for Kids:
    1 workshop 80le per month
    2 workshops 140le per month
    3 workshops 180le per month

    Prices for Adults:
    1 Workshop 100le per month
    2 Workshops 160le per month
    Single class 35le

    Choir/ Singing:
    50le monthly for everybody

    Discount in prices for siblings and families!

    Spaces for each workshop are limited to 10-12 persons and the KG workshop to16 kids, so please register soon!

    Schedule and registration at Pink Elephant starting Monday 25th February.
    Information call Bernadette 0100 443 89 16.

    Children who have attended workshops will be given priority for the next BonBoni Circus Show Project.

    We will take less children than in the previous projects for more safety, concentration and benefit for future BonBoni projects!


    Photos: Copyright Graeme Fortham


    2) CD with Photos of last Bonboni Show now available

    Get your CD with photos of the last Circ Bonboni Show from Pink Elephant

    Price: 30 LE


    Newsletter January 23, 2013

    1) Grand Relaunch of the Open Dahab Community Market
    2) Dahab Dental Clinic
    3) Top Offer at Golden Apartment

    1) Grand Relaunch of the Open Dahab Community Market

    Come join us this Thursday for our spectacular relaunch as the Hands of Dahab Community Market at the delightful bistro Chillax on the Dahab Bay,
    opposite Shark’s Restaurant, from 14.00 – 18.00.

    A tucked-away gem, enter the magical alleyway into Chillax to marvel at the amazing arts, crafts and culinary delights produced by the talented Hands of the Dahab Community.

    Our market is a weekly event but for our relaunch, we have of course lined up some great extra activities for you.

    Ongoing activities:

    • An interactive mural of hands - show that you were there!
    • Palm readings
    • Hand massages
    • A special Chillax burger for the occasion

    FREE creative workshops for big and small to enjoy:

    14.00: Decorate the Bag – paint, glitters, paper bags, go wild!
    15.00: Draw Your Own Hand Posters – make cool drawings inside your own hands – includes a competition with prizes!
    16.00: Make Your Own Pasta Jewellery – decorate your own hands or other body parts ;-) with a cute pasta pretty!

    Creations to delight all your senses await you and live music will grace your ears throughout the day – all brought to you by the Hands of Dahab!

    For more information about this great party or to book your own table, please call 01019631890 or contact us through Facebook.

    2) Dahab Dental Clinic

    Year after year in Dahab and willing to continue our success at dahab dental clinic-
    Dr. Adel Ramadan is launching the clinic new

    This continuous success is a normal result from the growing trust in the clinic expertise
    and the quality of the dental service offered.

    We are by you, with you and for you will seek perfection and maximum patient satisfaction.

    Visit our new website or call Dr. Adel on 0122 4515 998 to set your appointment, now!
    Smile, now!

    3) Top Offer at Golden Apartment

    10% discount on Golden Apartments:
    Golden Big: up to 8 persons
    Golden Colour: up to 2-3 persons
    Golden Up: up to 2-4 persons

    offer valid for till February 28 for all stays of 7 nights or longer.


    Newsletter January 14, 2013

    Eldorado closed for renovation and holiday

    Dear Friends,

    we would like to inform you that Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant will be closed for "Holiday" from Sunday 20th January.

    We will be back on the 6th February.

    Thanks all of you for the usual trust in our Restaurant.

    See you soon.

    Eldorado Team

    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel/fax 0020693641027

    Newsletter December 18, 2012

    Eldorado Open again

    The Eldorado team is happy to let you know

    that the restaurant will open again

    Friday December 21!

    Eldorado Team


    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel     +20693641027


    Newsletter December 11, 2012

    1) Caravan Cafe & Restaurant
    2) Last minute offers

    1) Caravan Cafe & Restaurant

    Hello Dahabians,

    We would like to introduce to you Caravan Cafe and Restaurant opened in October 2012.

    Caravan Cafe and Restaurant will take you on a journey with the aromas and flavours of the Arabian region. With our attention to detail by selecting fresh ingredients and our subtle use of spices and herbs we recreate the traditional dishes and taste of the Middle East in a fusion way to suit international clients.

    Discover Taine’s cooked in clay pot with herbs and spices for a meal you will not forget. Or experience our unique house special Caravan Chicken with aromatic spices, oranges, cinnamon and cloves. Or try our home made kofta kebabs, burgers, or our pizza's and calzone.

    We use locally sourced ingredients when possible including Sinai Olive Oil, Herbs from Sinai and Jordan. We serve Italian fresh coffee and a selection of homemade desserts and sweets including gelato. Also in our cafe area where we also have a library of over 1000 books which can be loaned, or read while enjoying a drink or a snack.

    We welcome you and your staff or friends anytime and we offer a 20% locals discount as standard and 25% for regular clients, or 25% discount for groups of 4 or more persons. 5 or more persons we will provide you also with something extra on the house.

    We have great space for group dinners and special occasions, on the beach side next to the sea in our new fine dining area, with glass keeping it warm in the winter. Or you can dine Bedouin style in our Bedouin Tent area, when the fire is going at nighttime, it is so cozy. You can also bring your own alcohol, no corkage fee.

    Call us to organize any group booking to ensure sea side table, or negotiate your special group dinner deal. You may also order in advance for take away orders. Our number is 01069797529.

    We are located on the beach side of Mirage Village, 3 minutes walk from Lighthouse towards Eel Garden.

    Come and try us soon. Let us take you on a journey of taste, because life is too short for average food!


    2) Last minute offers

    if you are still looking for accommodation over Christmas or New Years, we have available:
    * Layla's apartments: the whole time
    * Surf apartment: the whole time
    * Les Bougainvillees: from December 30 onwards

    ... and also hotels!! Contact us on

    Newsletter December 2, 2012

    1) Bonboni Shows 2012!

    Pre-Sales start 2nd December at Pink Elephant Second hand Dahab

    or by calling 0122 218 03 35

    Friday December 7, at 7pm
    Saturday December 8, at 3pm
    Thursday December 13, at 7pm
    Friday December 14, at 5pm

    At IBIS hotel

    Newsletter November 27, 2012

    1) Eldorado Closed for Holiday

    Dear Friends,

    we would like to inform you that Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant will be closed for "Holiday" from Thursday 29th November....

    We will be back on 21st December!

    Thanks all of you for the usual trust in our Restaurant and waiting for all of you for our opening!

    See you soon.

    Eldorado Team

    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel     +20693641027

    Newsletter November 20, 2012

    1) Meeting on Decree Nr. 14

    Message from the coalition of "Ana Masry Gedan":

    We are inviting you for the 1st public meeting to discuss the breaking news of the Decree No. 14 issued on 13th of Sept. 2012 ... this decree would effect almost all residents of Sinai!

    Join us to discuss the situation & its consequences & what have we done & will do about this racist, unconstitutional & unfair decree ...

    Thursday the 22nd of November 2012 @ 5.30 Pm in City Council Meeting Hall of Dahab.

    Join also the Facebook group Ownership Righs in Sinai:


    Newsletter November 9, 2012

    1) Circ Bonboni!

    OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!!!
    BonBonis’ 10th production!

    It's time to put on your thinking caps and jump “Out of the Box” with our talented BonBoni stars!

    Join us for our 10th BonBoni production as we sing, dance, spin, twist, roll, and leap our way through some fantastical worlds of imagination. You'll be surprised at what we can do with just a simple box!
    We would like to extend a warm welcome and big round of applause to our new trainers from Sharm el Sheikh – Anta, Erika, and Kayley – and to our new team members from Dahab – Mirjam, Albina, Rosalind, and Lisa.  We couldn't do it without you!
    Performances will be held at the IBIS Styles (Coralia) in Dahab and are scheduled for:

    Friday, December 7th at 7:00 pm
    Saturday, December 8th at 3:00 pm
    Thursday, December 13th at 7:00 pm
    Friday, December 14th at 5:00 pm

    You can reserve tickets in advance at the Pink Elephant in Dahab or by calling Sherry at 0122 218 03 35.

    For all other information, please call Michelle at 0100 401 98 95.
    The BonBoni Team

    Michele, John, Bernadette, Mirjam, Blanka, Iris, Anta, Kayley, Erika, Lisa, Vivienne, Rosalind, Albina, Elke, Natalie, Amy, Sherihan, Valesca, Helen, Nienke, Nancy

    Photo by Graeme Fordham
    Flyer by John Bennet


    Newsletter September 21, 2012

    1) Open Day Children's House
    2) Top Offers for Hotels & Apartments

    1) Open Day Children's House

    Dear Parents and Kids!

    The „Children's House Assalah“ welcomes you to our 'open day' on Saturday 22.9.2012 from 4 pm onwards. 

    Established in 2006,Children's House was opened to offer an alternative education for children.
    It includes a multinational Kindergarten as well as an Art and Culture Center.
    Our emphases lay on intercultural dialogue,creativity and self-empowerment.
    We are part of a project,that tries to preserve Bedouin heritage and supports the local Bedouin community.
    We are a non-profit making organisation.

    Our Kindergarten is open to children from 1-5 years.
    Opening times are from 8.30 am to 2 pm.
    Our staff: Noura,Aisha and Hamida are three very experienced ,warm-hearted Bedouin women.
    Sonja El-Touni Heinrichson is a trained pedagogue.She studied sociologie and has also trainings as an ergo-therapist.She is mother of a two year old boy.
    Elke Maier studied stage-design at an arts academy in Germany.She is mother of two children and has long time expirience working at the KG.
    Mirjam Steger is an austrian Gestalt pedagogue and mother of 2 children.
    We are located in Assalah in an atmospheric house with a garden.

    We will serve tea, juice and homemade cakes for free !

    Looking forward to see you!

    For more information call Elke 01000171151 or Sonja 01069423983



    Newsletter August 24, 2012

    1) Eldorado Restaurant on Holiday
    2) Advertising via Dahab.Net Newsletter

    1) Eldorado Restaurant on Holiday

    Dear Friends,

    we would like to inform you that Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant will be closed for "Holiday" from Sunday 26th August..

    We will be back on 8th September!

    Thanks all of you for the usual trust in our Restaurant and waiting for all of you for our opening!
    See you soon.

    Eldorado Team

    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel     +20693641027

    2) Advertising via Dahab.Net Newsletter

    Do you want to reach about 700 persons by Email and over 2500 persons via Facebook?
    Then make a newsletter via Dahab.Net!
    Cost: only 50 LE for a business newsletter / 30 LE for a private newsletter

    Newsletter August 4, 2012

    1) Leila's Bakery Open again
    2) Don't miss the Summer Top Offers!

    1) Leila's Bakery Open again


    2) Don't miss the Summer Top Offers!

    Click on this link to see all our: TOP OFFERS

    Newsletter July 21, 2012

    1) Ralph's Bakery New Cafe
    2) Clinic Dr. Heikal's Ramadan Opening hours

    1) Ralph's Bakery New Cafe


    2) Clinic Dr. Heikal's Ramadan Opening hours


    Newsletter June 1, 2012

    1) Ralph's Bakery summer opening hours
    2) Dahab.Net Summer offers on hotels & apartments

    1) Ralph's Bakery summer opening hours

    Dear customers,

    please note our new summer opening hours:

    Assalah Cafe: 7am - 2pm and 5pm - 9pm

    Lighthouse Cafe: 7am - 8pm

    Ghazala Cafe: 8am - 8pm

    Phone 069 3641 998 Email


    2) Dahab.Net Summer offers on hotels & apartments

    We have great offers for your stay in Dahab this summer!

    For more information, please check this page



    Newsletter May 21, 2012

    1) Yoga Workshop May 26-28
    2) Eldorado closed for Holiday

    1) Yoga Workshop May 26-28


    2) Eldorado closed for Holiday

    Dear Friends,

    we would like to inform you that Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant will be closed for "Holiday" from Sunday 27th May.
    We'll open again on
    Saturday 23rd June.
    Thanks all of you for the usual trust in our Restaurant and we wish to all of you the best!!

    See you soon.
    Eldorado Team

    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel/fax 0020693641027


    Newsletter May 11, 2012

    1) Join the Circ Bonboni Show at Jay's on May 17
    2) Dive Urge looking for Sales Manager
    3) Leila's bakery on holiday

    1) Join the Circ Bonboni Show at Jays on May 17

    Come and see the many faces and talents of BonBoni perform again! Thursday 17th May!
    Face Painting, Juggling, Unicycles, Raffle and much more.

    In front of Jay's Restaurant starting at 4pm.

    See the flyer for all the details! Miss it and miss out on all the fun!

    2) Dive Urge looking for Sales Manager

    Sales Manager for Dive Urge

    We are looking for a dynamic, sales driven person to work in our office.

    Our club is a friendly, family run business and deals with customers on a personal basis, so both excellent written and verbal communication skills are needed. The job involves converting enquiries into bookings and helping with advertising and marketing campaigns as well as some administration duties.

    As a customer facing role we need excellent interpersonal skills too and knowledge of diving/experience is a definite plus. Salary is dependent on ability, so give us a ring, pop by or e-mail your CV to us.
    Office mobile 0100 715 1459


    3) Leila's bakery on holiday


    Newsletter April 12, 2012

    1) Artist Exhibition at Dahab Divers - April 15-21


    Elsahara Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the art exhibition

    On 15th April at 10 a.m
    Until 21th April, 2012

    Dahab Divers Hotel. Light House. Dahab. South Sinai . Egypt

    Abd Elwahab Abd Elmohsen


    Mehreen Hasan


    Bernard Garo


    Mohamed Negm


    Enas Elsadiek


    Rasha Amin


    Fady Aladdin


    Reem Hassan


    Hossam Sakr


    Salah Elmelegy


    Marwa Talaat


    Shayma Kamel


    Curated by:  Enas Elsadiek       
    Sponsor by: Khaled Eldiasty
    Special Thanks to: Dahab Divers great Team  


    For the accommodation information please visit:

    For any more information please contact:

    Sponsored by:
    Elsahara Art Gallery
    Dahab Divers Hotel,
    Star of Dahab Hotel,

    يتشرف الصحرا أرت جاليرى بدعوة سيــــــــادتكم لحضور معرض

    فنانيــــن 15 أبريــــل

    الافتتاح 15أبريل الساعة 10 صباحا

    و يستمر المعرض حتى21 أبريل 2012

    فندق غواصي دهب – اللايت هاوس – دهب – جنوب سيناء - مصر

    Abd Elwahab Abd Elmohsen


    Mehreen Hasan


    Bernard Garo


    Mohamed Negm


    Enas Elsadiek


    Rasha Amin


    Fady Alla Eldein


    Reem Hassan


    Hossam Sakr


    Salah Elmelegy


    Marwa Talaat


    Shayma Kamel


            تنظيم: إيناس الصديق
    المعرض تحت دعم: خالد الديسطى

    شكر خاص إلى: مجموعه العمل الخاصه بفندق دهب دايفرز


    Newsletter April 7, 2012

    1) Enjoy the Dahab Festival from April 14 - 20
    2) Belly Dancing with Dahiba
    3) Bonboni: Love Rocks

    1) Enjoy the Dahab Festival from April 14 - 20

    The Dahab International Festival of Water, Sports, Culture and Desert Adventure is startin on April 20.


    2) Belly Dancing with Dahiba

    Classic Egyptian Bellydance & Folklore in Dahab



    3) Bonboni: Love Rocks

    Newsletter March 12, 2012

    1) Leila's Bakery Wednesday Special
    2) Coral Coast weekly Schedule

    1) Leila's Bakery Wednesday Special


    2) Coral Coast weekly Schedule

    Note: new classes:

    TUES : Wake-Up Yoga with Lorraine at 7am in the Yoga Tent.
    WED :  Yoga With Jonathan 9am in the Yoga Tent.
    SAT : Wake-Up Yoga with Lorraine at 7am in the Yoga Tent.




    Newsletter March 4, 2012

    1) Leila's Bakery Tuesday Cappucino Special
    2) Hotels & Apartments special offers

    2) Hotels & Apartments special offers

    Follow Dahab.Net special offers on our Facebook Page HERE


    Newsletter February 14, 2012

    1) Eldorado Restaurant opens again
    2) Ralph's Bakery Half-price bread
    3) German Butcher Offer

    1) Eldorado Restaurant opens again

    Dear Friends,

    we would like to inform you that Eldorado Italian Restaurant

    will open Saturday 18th of February.

    As usual Bar & Beach will be open from 10.30 am and Restaurant from noon time till the evening.
    Real italian waiting for you!!!!

    We hope to see all of you.
    Rosanna & Alex

    Eldorado Lodge & Restaurant
    Dahab - Egypt
    tel/fax 0020693641027
    mobile 01227593235


    2) Ralph's Bakery Half-price bread

    Opening hours:

    Assalah 7am to 8pm
    Lighthouse 7am to 9pm
    Ghazala 8am to 9pm


    3) German Butcher Offer

    Sonja's German Sausages:
    Under German Supervision, produced in Egypt:

    Bratwurst / Sausages
    Schinken / Ham
    Hackfleisch / Minced meat
    (all Halal meat)

    Also offers Lunch for take-away:
    Salad with Sausage or Meatballs: 18 LE
    Sandwich: 18 LE

    Contact Sonja Tel: 01227460280



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