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Horse Riding

Enjoy the beauty of the Sinai on horseback. Whether you are an experienced rider or new to this pastime Blue Beach Club has a horse to suit all abilities, along with enthusiastic guides who speak English, Arabic and German. The club can definitely pride itself on its stables where the Arabic horses are kept to European standards.

You can ride from between one hour to five hours and if you are really keen can spend the night in the desert with the horses. A one or two hour ride takes you down the beach and then into a Wadi. On longer rides you will go away from the sea and into the desert.

We are a very small stable and because of that can take a maximum of three riders out at any time. We do organize trips into the desert – maximum of 4 nights – this rides need to be booked at least 2 months in advance. One of our guests – Lucy - sent the email below after her riding experience with us:

Sinai Horse Riding

Galloping across the desert on an Arab horse has always been a faraway dream I have entertained whilst imagining myself as the heroin of a romantic movie…. Until I visited Dahab on a yoga retreat I presumed my dreams would remain my dreams. But this dream turned quickly into a reality when I discovered the Blue Beach Club had its own immaculately kept, well tempered Arab horses. Charley, the manageress of the hotel is a warm hearted, Yorkshire horse woman with a love of the desert and a practical ability to put together a tailor made desert horse riding safari from 1 hours length to days at a time.

I opted for a 2 day trip. The reality of my day dream was extraordinary, exhilarating and exhausting. It is certainly not a trip for the weak hearted or those fearful of the fast beat of hooves across sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy ground. The combination of galloping and ambling through desert valleys; stunning views of the mountains; a night under a canopy of sparkling stars; dinner cooked over an open fire and the camaraderie of a fabulous group is a memory I evoke whenever London life seems mundane.’

The horses are never exercised during the midday heat so in summer that is between 10am and 5pm and in winter from 11am until 3pm. Otherwise we ride from sun up to sun down except on Sunday which is the horses’ day off.

Riding is a dangerous sport – you must wear a hat and you ride at your own risk. All riding starts at the stables.

Guided Rides 1 – 6 hours - 1 hour – 150 LE, subsequent half hours, 50 LE – e.g. 2 hours guided ride 250 LE pp. Maximum number of riders: 5.

Discount Voucher - for 6 hours riding over 2 weeks. 600 LE pp. Minimum ride duration 2 hours e.g. choose 3 x 2hr rides; or 1 x 2hr plus 1 x 4hr, etc.

Private Rides – single person or limited group extra 200 LE per ride.

Lessons – extra 100 LE pp.
Lessons are usually instructed on the ride except for total beginners where we spend 10 minutes in the stable yard practicing riding basics. Emphasis is on balance, rhythm, and riding in the open at various speeds.

Blue Hole Snorkel Trip – Ride to Blue Hole, spend some hours snorkeling, relax in Bedouin restaurant, return in the afternoon. Approx 4 hours riding, 450 LE pp, min. 2 persons – suitable for non riders 150 LE pp.

Swim with the Horses – Ride to Lagoona, optional gallop across the sand, unsaddle and have some fun in the sea and sun. Approx 3 - 4 hours 350 LE pp.

Desert Overnights – Riding from afternoon approximately 2pm, returning prior to midday following. Includes guided riding, sleeping gear, dinner, breakfast – 900 LE pp.
Non riders 350 LE pp, min. 2 persons.

For more information please contact on Tel: + 20 69 3640 411





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